Tips to hang art correctly

Art definitely makes your walls look good and brings personality to your home. In many homes I see art hung the wrong way. Often it looks too tiny in the space or it is too high and you have to look up too actually see it.  Here are a few tips to hang your pieces correctly.


1-The first tip is to hang it at 57 inches on center, meaning that the middle of your artwork is at about 57 inches. Now you might think...Why 57 inches ? It represents the average human eye-height. 

2- I see a lot of tiny artwork in front of a big furniture. Your artwork should be 2/3 of the width of the sofa (if you are creating a wall gallery then it is different). If you are not sure about then dimensions and you want to double check make the shape of your artwork with paint tape. 

I hope this will be good guidance to help you with your art at home. By doing this you will also notice that having a pleasing 57 inches all around your home it will create harmony among the artwork in your home.