New summer Art prints

🎉Voici la nouvelle série d'affiches pour l'été. 🍊 J'y explore la beauté et la magie des plantes, des fleurs et des mouvements de l'eau. J'avais envie d'une série douce et rafraîchissante. En espérant qu'elle vous plaira 🌼💛🌊 -
🎉I am super excited to share with you a new series of art prints for summer. 🍊 I explored the beautiful and magical world of plants, flowers and water movements. I wanted to create a sweet and refreshing series. Hope you like it 🌼💛🌊

News and Updates

I wanted to share a few news and updates with you.

I am back from an amazing trip in Europe. We had the chance to visit Amsterdam, London, Krakow and Berlin. Here are a few photos of this amazing trip. :)

Here are a few amazing photos by Hey Maca & Lazy Mom for the Glitter Guide.

Read full article here; The Glitter Guide

Their studio is a complete dream. I was so happy to see my artwork in their space.


I also wanted to list a few upcoming events :) Solo shows and group shows also.

MAY 18 2019

83 Avenue Morel, G0L1M0, Kamouraska, Québec

Group exposition in Kamouraska Québec with art gallery Champagne et Paradis

May 18 2019 - from 1pm-7pm

MAY 26 2019

Lysa Jordan affiche 2  12x18_LJ_2019.jpg

Rue Principale, Gatineau, QC J9H 3L2

Solo exposition at the Gallery 33

26 may 2019 - Opening on may 26 from 1pm to 5pm

I am really excited with both of these shows. I hope to meet your there !



Tips on Starting a Creative Practice

I thought I would take the time to share with you a few tips on how to start a creative practice. Having a creative habit can really change your perspective. Making space in your life to create can make your heart, brain and soul feel a little lighter, a little happier.

Important to remember : Each of us is born creative and creativity has nothing to do with being artistic.

“This is the real power of habit: the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be.” Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

Photo : Charlotte Dussault

Photo : Charlotte Dussault

Creativity is not something you have just like that naturally. It is AUGMENTED by routine and habit. Creating a Good work habit is something extremely important if you wish to create powerfully.

Making space to embrace creativity in whatever form it presents itself to you builds confidence, exercises the mind, and creates new ways of thinking that is both therapeutic and transformative. There are plenty of ways to make room for creative living every day that require just a few minutes each day.

Here are a few tips ;


Find a way to integrate a 10-15 minutes of a creative habit to your routine. At first a short daily dose of 10-15 minutes is all it takes. Wake up 15 minutes earlier or skip your scowling or Netflix routine for a little creative boost.

Remember : When you show up doing your creative activity, it wont be always beautiful, you might not feel inspired every single day… but whats important is that you will be creating something.

Do it for the process

Don’t start a creative habit with high expectations. Show up every single day and enjoy the process. For example if you are creating a painting habit, enjoy the process of painting itself. You must remove the burden of creating. You don’t have to create something that is “perfect,” “good” or “valuable.”

Make it special & keep an open mind

Create a space and a time for your creative habit. You can also add your material in a box or on a shelf close to your workspace in order to just get everything out and put everything back in when you are done. Keep an open mind. This is so important; make room for curiosity. Look at the world differently and open yourself to new possibilities without the fear of being right or wrong. You will probably see new connections and work your problems with a new point of view.

Here are a few example of creative habits you can add to your life :

Photo : Charlotte Dussault

Photo : Charlotte Dussault

Art journal : keep a sketchbook close and paint, sketch or doodle every morning. You can also write and do whatever you want in your journal.

Make a photo series : Take a photo of something everyday : it could be your outfit everyday for a year, your coffee, your breakfast or something nice you notice everyday on your commute to work. Anything really. This exercise will make you a lot more mindful of your surroundings.

Work on paper : Try to make a small painting or drawing everyday it could be a flower a day or a plant everyday or anything that you enjoy painting on a small piece of paper.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” 
― Twyla Tharp

if you wish to attend a workshop to kick start your creative journey please take a look at our workshops

First week - being a full time painter

I quit my part time job last week. I had been thinking about quitting for a few months but did not have the courage. I still am today very scared but really happy and excited that I took the jump. I have gained so much time. It will give me the opportunity to add more original artwork to this online boutique and have more time for collaborations and other exciting projects! Yay !

I am trying to apply a very strict routine, in order to get work done and not stay in my pajamas. I have been doing great for now (I am writing in my painting overalls at this moment). I feel extremely lucky. I still cannot really believe it.

If you have tips  and you want to share them with me please do not hesitate to write me a comment :)

xxxx Lysa


J'ai quitté mon travail à temps partiel la semaine dernière. J’y pensais depuis quelques mois mais je n'avais pas le courage de prendre la décision. Je suis tellement contente d’avoir fait le saut. J'ai gagnée tellement de temps. J'essaie d'appliquer une routine très stricte, afin de rester concentrée sur mon travail et de ne pas rester dans mes pyjamas. Tout se passe très bien pour le moment (je vous écris à l’instant avec ma salopette de travail). Je me sens extrêmement chanceuse... Je ne peux toujours pas y croire.

Si vous avez des trucs, astuces pour travailleurs autonomes et que vous avez envie de me les partager n'hésitez pas à m'écrire un commentaire :) xxxx Lysa


A look at new paintings and upcoming projects

Un regard sur les nouvelles toiles et projets en cours ou à venir. 


I've been working lately on some new paintings for Yves Rocher Canada. They asked me to inspire some work on a plant called Carpobrotus edulis. It is still a work in progress but it's been extremly interesting to be inspired by this amazing plant. It will be used in a new line of products they are launching. 


Je travaille actuellement sur des nouvelles peintures pour Yves Rocher Canada. Ils m'ont demandé de m’inspirer d’une plante appelée Carpobrotus edulis. C'est encore un travail en cours, mais c’est extrêmement intéressant d’en apprendre davantage sur cette plante incroyable.



Last week we delivered a few paintings to West Elm Montréal Here are a few images of them. 

La semaine dernière, nous avons livré quelques toiles chez West Elm Montréal. Voici quelques images de ces œuvres.


Step by step - 48x60 inches
Check availability with West Elm Montreal : (514) 861-2809


United - 30x40 inches
Check availability with West Elm Montreal : (514) 861-2809


Edulis - 30x40 inches

Check availability with West Elm Montreal : (514) 861-2809


I am also working on a collaboration with Joannie Houle. An amazing illustrator ! 

We are both really happy and excited to work together in the next few weeks. We will be posting sneak peeks on instagram under  #joannieetlysa :) !