News and Updates

I wanted to share a few news and updates with you.

I am back from an amazing trip in Europe. We had the chance to visit Amsterdam, London, Krakow and Berlin. Here are a few photos of this amazing trip. :)

Here are a few amazing photos by Hey Maca & Lazy Mom for the Glitter Guide.

Read full article here; The Glitter Guide

Their studio is a complete dream. I was so happy to see my artwork in their space.


I also wanted to list a few upcoming events :) Solo shows and group shows also.

MAY 18 2019

83 Avenue Morel, G0L1M0, Kamouraska, Québec

Group exposition in Kamouraska Québec with art gallery Champagne et Paradis

May 18 2019 - from 1pm-7pm

MAY 26 2019

Lysa Jordan affiche 2  12x18_LJ_2019.jpg

Rue Principale, Gatineau, QC J9H 3L2

Solo exposition at the Gallery 33

26 may 2019 - Opening on may 26 from 1pm to 5pm

I am really excited with both of these shows. I hope to meet your there !




Movement - Studio visit with Lululemon

Je vois beaucoup de similitude entre la course et le peinture. Je cours pour trois raisons principales. Connecter et avec la nature, jouir d'un sentiment de liberté et pour l'amour du mouvement. Ces motivations sont aussi les principales raisons pour lesquelles je peins.

J'ai eu cette discussion avec les gens extraordinaires de Lululemon montréal. Ils ont fait une visite de notre studio afin de me poser quelques questions et prendre des photos. :)

photos par Julien Grimard


Running and painting seem to be very different. For some reason I see many similarities. I run for three main reasons. To connect and experience nature, to enjoy a sense of freedom and for the love of movement. These motivations are also the main reasons why I paint. 
Most of my work is thought and traced in my head while running. 

I had this discussion with amazing people from Lululemon and they came in our studio to ask more questions and take a few photos. :) 

All these amazing photos are by Julien Grimard