List of my favorite art supplies

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on social media regarding art supplies. I decided to create a list of my favorites . I’ve tested a lot of different brands and I am still constantly trying new products, so this list might change every once in a while.

At the moment I work a lot with Golden & liquitex for acrylic paint, le sennelier for oil pastels, prima and kuretake for my watercolors.

You can simply click on the images to view more. I hope this helps !

Shimmering lights (click on image)

Kuretake watercolor (click on image)

Floral inspiration (click on image)

Watercolor notebook (click on image)

Oil pastels - test pack (click on image)

Decadent pies - Prima (click on image)

Arches paper (click on image)

Watercolor basics (click on image)

How art can make you happy by Bridget Watson Payne (click on image)

Liquitex acrylic (click on image)

Liquitex acrylic ink (click on image)

Liquitex acrylic (click on image)