Making time for creativity

It is very difficult to find the time in our very busy lives to paint, write and explore. My intention with this blog post is to give you a few tips and tricks to ease the process. 


1. Make yourself a creative box / tote

I am sure you already have one in your space. Find a nice box or a nice tote to organize your creative tools. 

Here are a few examples; 

Painting tote:  I placed in this bag (see image below): Watercolor, a watercolor sketchbook, pencils, brushes, a container for water and a little piece of cotton. Whenever I feel like painting, I just get everything out and place everything back in when I am done. I could also leave the house with it and paint outside :)

Creative box: I places in my box: A pencil, a notebook, some inspiring magazines, glue and scissors. A perfect way to write more, take notes about creative ideas, glue different images and get creative!    

In order to make the process fun and easy have your ''creation box''


2. Put your box in a space where you will be creating. 

Do not store your box or tote somewhere you will not use it. Leave it close to your favorite place to create. 

If you don’t have a space that you like, try to create one. A cozy little corner in your home where you could add a table and a chair to motivate your even more. 

Here are a few inspiring creative nooks;



3. Add some creative time blocks to your agenda. 

Set an alarm to make sure you don't forget. I think it helps to create a block in your agenda dedicated to a creative project. Or else you might never take the time. 

I hope this is helpful !




New summer art prints

Cette série est largement inspirée des fleurs, de leur mouvement, textures et lignes. J’ai analysé ce qu’elles représentent pour moi et tenté de représenter sur papier les émotions que j’ai face à la nature et son incroyable beauté.

This series is largely inspired by flowers, their movement, textures and lines. I analyzed what they represent for me and tried to represent on paper these emotions. 

En amour
from 58.00
Au centre de nous
from 58.00

Le livre “Fleurs des champs du Québec et des Maritimes” par Sylvain Parent m’a donné envie d’observer et de documenter les fleurs sauvages de notre province. On les croise à chaque jour sans nécessairement prendre le temps de remarquer leur beauté. J’ai commencé à les regarder plus en profondeur et à trouver des spécimens incroyables, sur le bord d’une route, d’une voie ferrée ou dans le fossé. Un monde insoupçonné de formes et de couleurs éblouissantes. Elles m’ont inspiré pour cette nouvelle série.

from 58.00


The book "Field Flowers of Quebec and the Maritimes" by Sylvain Parent made me want to observe and document the wildflowers of our province. We meet them every day without necessarily taking the time to notice their beauty. I started to look deeper and find incredible specimens. An unsuspected world of dazzling shapes and colors. They inspired me for this new series.


Letting go - with watercolor

We all have various activities that make us feel totally free. You might be aware thatI love to run and swim. Although these two are very important in my life, painting is probably the best way for me to let go and de-stress.  

When I feel anxious or lost I tend to work on paper. I guess it is because it is very easy. I grab a piece of paper, watercolor and a brush. That's it. 

If you feel like trying it too here are two simple steps to de-stress with watercolor. 

1. Have watercolor, a cup, paper and a brush handy. So that every time you need to de-stress or when you feel like painting you have these items close. 


2. Explore, look around you... are there textures, flowers or items that you want to look at and represent in your own way on paper? A color in particular, lines, or shapes you want to paint or draw. Let your mind go. Explore, try, make is totally okay. Paint what feels good. 


I hope this is helpful for someone. Watercolor has made me calmer in busy days and I find it amazing as a meditative tool. 






New art studio

We moved a few weeks ago in a new loft. We are very happy with this new space. I decided to reorganize and rethink my working space. I am very happy with the result. 

Here are a few photos of the new space. :) 


I am also very happy to invite you to my next pop up at West Elm Montréal on june 16 from 1pm to 5pm :) Click on the image below for more information. 


Movement - Studio visit with Lululemon

Je vois beaucoup de similitude entre la course et le peinture. Je cours pour trois raisons principales. Connecter et avec la nature, jouir d'un sentiment de liberté et pour l'amour du mouvement. Ces motivations sont aussi les principales raisons pour lesquelles je peins.

J'ai eu cette discussion avec les gens extraordinaires de Lululemon montréal. Ils ont fait une visite de notre studio afin de me poser quelques questions et prendre des photos. :)

photos par Julien Grimard


Running and painting seem to be very different. For some reason I see many similarities. I run for three main reasons. To connect and experience nature, to enjoy a sense of freedom and for the love of movement. These motivations are also the main reasons why I paint. 
Most of my work is thought and traced in my head while running. 

I had this discussion with amazing people from Lululemon and they came in our studio to ask more questions and take a few photos. :) 

All these amazing photos are by Julien Grimard