New workshops for October

New workshops for October.

Nouveaux ateliers pour le mois d’Octobre.

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Bonjour :) ! Je voulais vous annoncer qu’il y a plein de nouveaux ateliers pour le mois d'octobre.

Il y a même des ateliers en soirée.

Un petit nouveau : "Tout sur la couleur" 🎨🖌️ : Un cours axé sur le merveilleux monde de la couleur. Explorations et apprentissage des théories de la couleur. Vous travaillerez également avec des fluides de masquage, du gesso, de la gouache et d’autres médiums en alternance. Soyez prêt à vous engager pleinement dans l'exploration des couleurs. Après cet atelier, votre perception des tons et des nuances de votre monde sera très probablement transformée.

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Au plaisir de peindre ensemble :)

Hello :) ! I wanted to announce that there are plenty of new workshops for the month of October.

A new one: "All About Color" 🎨🖌️: A course focused on the wonderful world of color. You will be doing a lot of exploration and learning the theories of color. You will also work with masking fluids, gesso, gouache and other mediums alternately. Be ready to fully engage in color exploration. After this workshop, your perception of the tones and nuances of your world will most likely be transformed.

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Creative habits

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I thought I would take the time to share with you a few tips on how to start a creative practice. Having a creative habit can really change your perspective. Making space in your life to create can make your heart, brain and soul feel a little lighter, a little happier.

Important to remember : Each of us is born creative and creativity has nothing to do with being artistic.

“This is the real power of habit: the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be.” Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

Creativity is not something you have just like that naturally. It is AUGMENTED by routine and habit. Creating a Good work habit is something extremely important if you wish to create powerfully.

Making space to embrace creativity in whatever form it presents itself to you builds confidence, exercises the mind, and creates new ways of thinking that is both therapeutic and transformative. There are plenty of ways to make room for creative living every day that require just a few minutes each day.

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Here are a few tips ;


Find a way to integrate a 10-15 minutes of a creative habit to your routine. At first a short daily dose of 10-15 minutes is all it takes. Wake up 15 minutes earlier or skip your scowling or Netflix routine for a little creative boost.

Remember : When you show up doing your creative activity, it wont be always beautiful, you might not feel inspired every single day… but whats important is that you will be creating something.

Do it for the process

Don’t start a creative habit with high expectations. Show up every single day and enjoy the process. For example if you are creating a painting habit, enjoy the process of painting itself. You must remove the burden of creating. You don’t have to create something that is “perfect,” “good” or “valuable.”

Make it special & keep an open mind

Create a space and a time for your creative habit. You can also add your material in a box or on a shelf close to your workspace in order to just get everything out and put everything back in when you are done. Keep an open mind. This is so important; make room for curiosity. Look at the world differently and open yourself to new possibilities without the fear of being right or wrong. You will probably see new connections and work your problems with a new point of view.

Here are a few example of creative habits you can add to your life :

Art journal : keep a sketchbook close and paint, sketch or doodle every morning. You can also write and do whatever you want in your journal.

Here is are great supplies to have in hand for your art journaling.



Make a photo series : Take a photo of something everyday : it could be your outfit everyday for a year, your coffee, your breakfast or something nice you notice everyday on your commute to work. Anything really. This exercise will make you a lot more mindful of your surroundings.

Work on paper : Try to make a small painting or drawing everyday it could be a flower a day or a plant everyday or anything that you enjoy painting on a small piece of paper.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” 

― Twyla Tharp

if you wish to attend a workshop to kick start your creative journey please take a look at our workshops

Collaborating with Brava Triathlon & Painting a bike frame

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I had the chance to collaborate with Brava Triathlon on a collection of clothing for endurance athletes. For this collaboration with Brava, I wanted to create something that would reflect my love for movement and nature. Swimming, cycling and running allow me to feel a sense of freedom and to connect with my environment. The artwork I created is full of movement and light, inspired by water and by flora. I feel like the result reflects the joy and vivacity of this sport. I hope it will make you explore more and excel in your movements.

Photos : gophobservation

Photos : gophobservation

To celebrate our collaboration we organized a launch and decided to raise money at the same time for Fast & Female. Argon gave us a bike frame to paint in order to showcase and raise money for the foundation. I have to say it was not easy. At first when the two founders of Brava came in my studio with the frame I looked at it for a few days having no idea what to paint on it. I finally was inspired by the frame itself. I decided to just play with movement and colors around it. It was a whole new experience for me as I usually paint on canvas or paper.

Photos : gophobservation & Sergio Castano

Photos : gophobservation & Sergio Castano

Here are a few photos of the clothing collection :)

You can click on the link below to see all of the products with Brava

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2019-07-03 03.23.48 1.jpg
Photo : gophobservation

Photo : gophobservation

“Blue” current exhibition at Espace 33

A few photos of my current exhibition “Blue” at Espace 33 in Gatineau.

Feel free to contact espace 33 for more informaiton.

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received_344119316303137 (1).jpeg
In circles / 30X60 INCHES (SOLD)  Check availability with Espace 33 :  (819) 682-6186

In circles / 30X60 INCHES (SOLD)

Check availability with Espace 33 : (819) 682-6186

By the sea - 36x36 inches - Contact Espace 33 for more information  (819) 682-6186

By the sea - 36x36 inches - Contact Espace 33 for more information (819) 682-6186

Together / 30X60 INCHES (SOLD)  Check availability with Espace 33 :  (819) 682-6186

Together / 30X60 INCHES (SOLD)

Check availability with Espace 33 : (819) 682-6186

18x36 INCHES  Check availability :  (819) 682-6186

18x36 INCHES

Check availability : (819) 682-6186

Until the end / 36X48 INCHES (SOLD)  Check availability with Espace 33 :  (819) 682-6186

Until the end / 36X48 INCHES (SOLD)

Check availability with Espace 33 : (819) 682-6186

Upcoming workshops

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Having a creative outlet is essential for me. Painting calms my anxieties. It is therapeutic.
As I started to give workshops, I realized that a lot of people have the same needs. Our lives are pretty stressful and a little escape to concentrate on color, movement & lines is truly powerful. Its such an honor for me to see people dive into watercolor or other mediums and get totally lost (in a good way). Painting is this place you can go every time you need to escape a little. ✨🎨

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Here is a little video of the mixed media workshop.

Created by

List of upcoming workshops

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News and Updates

I wanted to share a few news and updates with you.

I am back from an amazing trip in Europe. We had the chance to visit Amsterdam, London, Krakow and Berlin. Here are a few photos of this amazing trip. :)

Here are a few amazing photos by Hey Maca & Lazy Mom for the Glitter Guide.

Read full article here; The Glitter Guide

Their studio is a complete dream. I was so happy to see my artwork in their space.


I also wanted to list a few upcoming events :) Solo shows and group shows also.

MAY 18 2019

83 Avenue Morel, G0L1M0, Kamouraska, Québec

Group exposition in Kamouraska Québec with art gallery Champagne et Paradis

May 18 2019 - from 1pm-7pm

MAY 26 2019

Lysa Jordan affiche 2  12x18_LJ_2019.jpg

Rue Principale, Gatineau, QC J9H 3L2

Solo exposition at the Gallery 33

26 may 2019 - Opening on may 26 from 1pm to 5pm

I am really excited with both of these shows. I hope to meet your there !